DREAM4LOVE is a unique fashion brand founded by artist-designer Natalya Khomenko. Natalya was born into the family of Russian born artist Galina Khomenko, a conservator specialising in the restoration of fine art paintings at the Perm State Art Gallery in Russia. Growing up, Natalya spent a lot of time at her mother’s work, inspired by its incredible art, its beauty and the artistic environment. Influenced a lot by her mother’s creativity Natalya started to draw when she was just 3 years old and her passion for art and design has continued ever since. Also her older brother Zhan contributed greatly in education and development of the label, and continues to be Natalya’s inspiration of style and fashion. During her formative years, Natalya attended seven years of art school and learned the basics of drawing, painting, sculpting, composition and art history. After high school, she completed one year of Industrial Design and in search of further development, moved overseas to study Communication Design at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. 

Besides her passion for art and design, Natalya loves fashion. Her grandmother was a great sewer and at a very early age, Natalya became interested in clothing design. She says, “My grandmother's clothing designs were very beautiful, and had that very special feel of; made with love, with hand details, laces and fine fabric combinations”. 

At school, Natalya enjoyed dressing up. “I never liked the school uniform. Fashion helped me to define and express myself. It was always the source of my inspiration and self-development” she says.

 During her Communication design degree in Melbourne, she became friends with fashion designers and artists, often modelling for fashion shows and photo-shoots. Then, after completing her degree at RMIT University and a Diploma of Graphic Art at Victoria University, Natalya moved to Gold Coast.
Natalya continued to participate in art exhibitions, fashion events and collaborated with other artists, musicians, designers, make-up and hair artists, photographers and models. She launched 'Underground Gallery' and later 'Technoart', selling artworks from her studio based in Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast, Australia, specializing in acrylics on canvas and art based prints. During this time Natalya made the transition to a more intricate, graphical style of art using watercolour and ink pen. The same technique that she uses now for her fabric and silk-based art prints. 

Natalya states, “It all started with making art prints and experimenting with printing designs onto fabrics to make them lighter and more transferable for art exhibitions.
This lead to the creation of my first silk scarf collection - NK Scarves, which gained a lot of interest from fashion boutiques and other retailers”.

Natalya continued to create more designs, adding a variety of styles. Later sarongs and some other beach accessories such as hats and bags were added to the collection. 

“I thought, why not implement designs onto fashion garments. It appeared to me the next logical step” says Natalya.

“After years of printing, I knew my designs would transfer well onto fabric and make new, very unique, never before seen clothing. My core philosophy has always been; Art inspires Fashion and Fashion inspires Art! The first produced samples came up well and gave me the confidence to develop my designs further” states Natalya.

After a lot of experimentation over the years with various patterns, designs, styles and fabrics Natalya found her unique way to express Art and Fashion together and her fashion label DREAM4LOVE was created.

“My art is influenced a lot by music and nature and inspired by three fundamental concepts – DREAM, LOVE and PASSION. These elements are the main inspiration behind my artwork. It’s an ongoing art and fashion process where many elements combine, many talents combine, creativity flows and passion can be sensed. It’s new and unique and a fresh vision to celebrate Art, Fashion and Design” says Natalya.

DREAM4LOVE continues its establishment in the art and fashion world and has many new and exciting designs to come!